1907 Land Surrender Claim and Agriculture Benefits Update 032624

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Tanisi and Anin Sikwa!

On behalf of your Leadership Team, I am pleased to provide this update regarding Cowessess’ claims; in particular the 1907 Land Surrender and the Agriculture Benefits (Cows and Ploughs).

The 1907 Land Surrender Claim is currently in negotiations with Canada. We are currently in active preparation for the conclusion and final settlement, expecting it to occur within the next 12-18 months. Upon receiving the letter from Canada detailing the final settlement amount, we will present this figure along with various options for both individual and Nation benefits. The decision to accept the amount from Canada and vote on the benefit options, including individual payouts, will rest with the membership of Cowessess.

Regarding a possible submission and subsequent negotiation of Agricultural Benefits (Cows and Ploughs), Cowessess has yet to formally present a statement of claim to the government. Presently, we have enlisted the expertise of a Treaty lawyer to assess the potential Treaty implications. Once we obtain a thorough analysis of this claim, we will engage in discussions with our Seniors/Elders, former leadership, and provide an opportunity for all members to consider and advise us on whether to proceed with our Letter of Intent. We are committed to prioritizing this process and intend to consult the membership within the coming months.

As we navigate through the intricacies of our Specific Claims, your support and patience are the bedrock upon which our progress stands. We are on this journey together and we take our positions as your elected leadership seriously. Our future generations depend on us to make, informed and wise decisions today so those who have yet to come thrive in the future.

In the midst of this process, we want to express our sincere gratitude for your continued dedication and understanding. Your meaningful discourse within our community is what makes us #CowessessStrong. Together, we’ll continue to move forward united by our shared goals and shared journey for our Nation seven generations ahead.

Hiy hiy and Chi-miigwetch,

Chief Erica Beaudin