Virtual School Powwow Dance Challenge!

Good afternoon parents/guardians and students. Here is our first Virtual School Powwow Dance Challenge! All you have to do is record a video of your child or children dancing to one of the two links below! There is a link that should clarify any questions you may have. 

Rules: When you complete your video you must have the first and last name of your child. You will then submit your video by clicking on the album under media. Submit the videos into the category your child or children are registered in. Your video cannot be edited! Only one child per video. Your child or children must be registered and going to C.C.E.C. 

How to register: There are two categories your child or children can register for, Regalia and Street Clothes. Your child or children cannot be registered in both categories. To register all you have to do is email Tanya and I with first and last name (emails are on poster). Or when you submit your video just include your child’s first and last name though the FB C.C.E.C parent page. 


Dates: You can submit your video(s) Feb 22 is the latest they can submit their videos. Top 3 in each category will be announced Feb 24 and will have the top three submit their final video by March 1. Winners will be announced same day. 

Prizes: There are three prizes for both categories First place- Grizzlies queen starblanket Second place- Female: Custom ribbon skirt with a matching purse. Male: Custom ribbon shirt with a matching hand drum bag. Third place- Grizzlies beaded medallionSpecial thanks to Buffalo Lodge and Black Bear for allowing us to use their songs for this challenge. (Explanation of the Virtual Pw Dance Challenge) (Buffalo Lodge) (Black Bear)